Moving Up and Out!

August 10, 2018

Hello again! If you are back reading my second blog post, it means you enjoyed my first! So thank you! I thought I would detour this weeks post away from Willow Nicole Cosmetics and focus on our big move that is coming up!


This move has been a loooooong time coming! Seriously, we've had the property since last March. We just ran into a lot of issues with the land that set everything back by months. But it was all worth it because it looks amazing! I will share some pictures once we are settled in.


Aside from moving out of my parents house, this is the first time moving for me. It is way more difficult than your first move. Your first move everything is new, so its just moving stuff in. But now, you must go through everything and pack it, move it in then unpack it. Add two little kids to that and it definitely feels like a one step forward two steps back kind of deal. I pack up one area, turn around and the kids have pulled everything out! Living in the country also means an entire shop that has to somehow be organized and packed...glad thats not my job!


Designing the house and coming up with the home interiors was so fun and so overwhelming. My tastes are a bit sporadic and if I could, I would change my house every 6 months. But after a lot of soul searching and pinning, I decided on a very clean, basic modern design with flares of midcentury modern (I am a reincarnated soul from the 70's, so it was't at all surprising). I felt like designing a house felt much like planning my wedding. Cruising Pinterest so much that I was trying to figure out how to incorporate 50 ideas into one room. I think I subconsciously ended up choosing the opposite of our current house, which is a classic 90's home, gold oak cabinets and green counter included. Our new house is white...all white with some black. Super trendy right now, but basic enough that you can change the furnishings with the times and you won't need to repaint. These are some of my inspirational pictures.

This first picture is where I pulled a bunch of my ideas from for the living room. I just love the pop of this caramel couch against the white walls. Throw in some greenery and a mixture of prints and you got our living room in a nut shell! My husband owns a foundation company so he's got this weird love for concrete. Lucky for him so does a lot of furniture stores! We got some awesome concrete tables for this space as well. They are simple but leave a statement. They really balance out the casual design with an industrial punch.  

 This picture I just love. Don't ask me why. Maybe it's because we've never had an entryway, but I saw this an had to recreate it in our home. I looooooove this rug, but I decided on a more neutral pattern. That was simply because I knew my husband would hate it and complain about it every day. This entryway is very midcentury modern, and very pricey. For only four pieces, it would have been easily over $2000.00 to replicate. Changing the rug pattern helped. The mirror I found is also smaller, but our space is smaller so it works. This style bench is gorgeous, but again will cost a pretty penny. I found a nice bench with a grey upholstered seat.

 Gentlemen's Grey by Benjamin Moore! Oh I love this gorgeous color. I decided to add this pop of blue to the dining room as well as the wall surrounding our pantry. It's very trendy and oh so classy. It's one of the only colors you will actually find in our house! 


 How cozy looking is this bedroom!? This combo of greys and blush has me grabbing my turmeric latte and turning on netflix for some serious relaxation. I knew my husband wouldn't HATE the blush duvet cover, but he runs hot at night and I can only imagine how much that shows sweat stains. So I got some blush sheets instead. Ya I know, still a sweat trap, but sheets are way easier to wash than a duvet cover in my opinion. I thought a pop of navy blue would just take this to the next level, so our duvet cover is that instead. Our bed frame is a light grey upholstered platform bed and I have dark grey accent pillows and throw. 

 My heart gets so excited when I see this picture. No, my bathroom does not look like this, but it inspired it. The white subway tiles are throughout and we have small black hexagon tiles in our shower.  We have a freestanding bathtub in its own private nook within the bathroom. We decided to paint the nook black, now that tub jumps out and all of the black accents are tied together. Stick some greenery in the corner and you got the same vibes from this image.

P.S. I fought hard for black interior window trim for the entire house...apparently that is an extremely expensive upgrade *sad face*

 Our laundry room won't be anything special, but I wanted to share this image because of the floors. I've discovered that you either love them or hate them. It's 50/50 in our house, and I bet you can guess who hates them. But I fell in love with this retro tile and took on the challenge to modernize them.


In case you are wondering, here is a list of my go to places to shop:


Structube...seriously they have the best stuff. From furniture to fake plants. Go check them out!

Wayfair. My go to for all the basics.

Winners/Marshalls. Great for inexpensive accent pieces.


I am excited to get everything in and staged so that I can show you the final results. That will be for another blog post!


Until next time!


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