Q: How do I place an order?


A: Orders can be placed though our website. For custom orders/requests or for gift basket quotes, please email info@willownicole.com. You can now visit one of our retail locations. Click here for a list of retailers.

Q: Who can use Willow Nicole Cosmetics?

A: Everyone! All of our products are completely versatile. The baby products can be used by children and adults, and our adult products are great for men and women alike. A number of our products contain willow bark. The verdict is out on whether pregnant/nursing women can use product contains this powerful ingredient. This is why we offer the mama alternative for all of these products. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our oil blends or other ingredients.

 Q: Are your products vegan?

A: All of our products are vegan with the exception of the lip balms and body balms.

Q: What is the shelf life of your products:

A: Our products contain natural preservatives, but like all quality natural products, the shelf life is roughly 6-9 months depending on the product. This is why we instil our small batch values. Keeping our product batches and inventory low will ensure maximum shelf life for you. If you have any issues with your product going bad or are not sure if it is still good, email us at info@willownicole.com.

Q: Is your packaging recyclable?

A: Currently our products are packaged in plastic containers. Our ever evolving business model has included the transition to glass in 2019. We care about what's going on your skin, and we should care about whats going in our planet as well!! We currently do offer a recycling program with all plastic containers, with the exception of the lotions and balms (these containers are exposed to heat, therefore breaking down the plastic much quicker). Give us back your empty containers and receive 15% off your next order!

We do encourage you to reuse your old containers should you choose not to return them to us. They are great for holding knick-knacks, dry goods/spices or craft containers.

Q: Do your products have any allergens such as nuts?

A: While we were conscious when creating our formulas, some of our products do contain possible allergy inducing ingredients. All of our labels warn of almond oil. This is because a handful of our products contain this ingredient and are stored near our none almond oil items. Please read the ingredients list if this is a concern, or contact us directly!

Q: Why willow bark?

A: Willow bark is known as natures Aspirin! It has been used for centuries as a way to heal the body and skin. It is great for inflammation, sore muscles and also helps clear acne/blemishes. Willow barks main active ingredient is salicine and can be found in many major cosmetics and skincare products.



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